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RPI Bundles / Kits
RPI Bundles / Kits

Faster, more powerful.
Now with Fan. Cover with 1-year
Manufacturing Warranty 



Official Adaptor Micro HDMI to HDMI Card Reader

B/Grey Casing w/Fan

 R/White Casing w/Fan

32GB Noobs


Powered by RPI 4 (1.5GHz, 64bit Quad Core)

RPI4 Bundle (2GBRAM/32GB NOOBS/Black)

2GB Black  

RPI4 Bundle (2GBRAM/32GB NOOBS/Red)

2GB White  

RPI4 Bundle (4GBRAM/32GB NOOBS/Black)

4GB Black  

RPI4 Bundle (4GBRAM/32GB NOOBS/Red)

4GB White  

RPI4 Bundle (8GBRAM/32GB NOOBS/Black)

8GB Black  

RPI4 Bundle (8GBRAM/32GB NOOBS/Red)

8GB White  


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