Pro's Kit
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Pro's Kit
Pro's Kit
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  • All-round type
  • Can be used from any direction
  • Easy to hold at any position
  • Solder any surface from small to large
  • Thin conical end and is an ultrafine tip
  • Best suited for soldering at narrow pitches, etc
  • Used for soldering micro components such as 0603, etc. and for repairing high-density-mounting P.W.Bs. such as in cellular phones, etc
  • Tip Shape: Conical
  • Tip Size: 4.0 mm
  • Tip Length: 70.0 mm
  • Made of S55C high carbon steel, micro finish
  • Adjustable screw insures precise cuts every time
  • Ergonomic nonslip handles for better operation control and work comfort
  • Leaf spring for force saving and efficient work
  • Comfortable Non-Slip Handle
  • Return Leaf Spring
  • Adjustable Screw
  • OAL: 138mm
  • 1PK-302NB is a Personal Computer Tool Kit (220V)
  • Contains the essential tools for most brands of computers & notebooks installation and maintenance job
  • Ideal for shop, repair service and more.
  • Made from high quality stainless steel
  • Micro-angled cutters with sharp, polished and hardened precision cutting blades
  • The micro-cutting head is ideal for nipping miniature components in confined areas
  • Made from high speed steel
  • Diameter: ø3.5mm
  • Working length: 31mm
  • Rotating cap to facilitate support and rotation control
  • Manufactured from AISI 8660 chrome-molybdenum-vanadium alloy
  • Tempered and chrome plated blades precision ground tip with sand-blast treatment, perfect fit in screw slots and lasting durability
  • Complete range of sizes and 2 packages for your choice at economically price
  • Lightweight, small size, easy to operate and convenient to carry
  • Individual Packing: Plastic Box + Color Box
  • Weight: 90g
  • Safety lock for easy storage.
  • Multi-conductor cables up to 0.5" (12.7mm)
  • Strand wire up to 8 AWG (10mm²)
  • For crimping IDC-type connectors
  • Durable steel frame, easy to assemble flat cable on to IDC-type connectors.
  • Crimping distance: height from 6-27.5mm, max width:55mm
  • OAL: 240mm
  • Material: SAE6150 Chrome Vanadium Steel.
  • Anti-slip handle is made of eco-friendly material, comfortable and easy to grip
  • Sand blasted and chrome plated processing makes the wrenches corrosion-resistant
  • Blackened finish.
  • The comfort is achieved by ergonomically shaped non-slip handle
  • Handle Material: PP / TPR
  • OAL: 235mm
  • Piston with double oil seals with no air leakage guarantee
  • Anti-rust lasting and easy replacement tip
  • Built-in tip for less problem such as loose tip or deformation
  • Quick and easy to solder residue clearance
  • Spring assisted chip carrier extraction tool
  • Specially designed for the safe removal of PLCC's from sockets
  • Without damage to component parts
  • Made from high quality SAE6140 Chrome Vanadium Steel, hardened finish.
  • Coil spring for self-opening action to supply smooth operation.
  • Plastic Coated handles for comfortable use and efficient work.
  • Long nose design with serrated jaw for easy gripping in narrow area.
  • Specifically designed to cut various wires, except steel or ACSR
  • Sophisticated processing makes the blades sharp and easy to cut wires.
  • Crafted with extra hardened blades
  • Strong performance, increased durability
  • Simple tool for stripping the UTP/STP cable.
  • It can extract the jacket of cable by stripping in the circles of the tool.
  • OAL: 94mm
  • Used for repetitive punching or riveting
  • Adjustable for light or heavy stokes
  • Working part material: high carbon steel
  • Positive safety latch function. 
  • With double color non-slip handle, smooth operation. 
  • Stainless steel spring and blades resist rust and corrosion. 
  • 840 tie points
  • Round hole designed for easy plug and pull
  • Expandable by combining several boards together to meet your different requirement
  • Wear proof material made of ABS & phosphor bronze with good flexibility and electric conductivity
  • Self-adhesive pad on rear
  • The edge plate can easy fold up (Convenience for work).
  • 1580 tie points.
  • Round hole designed for easy plug and pull.
  • Expandable by combining several boards together to meet the user different requirement.
  • Wearproof material made of ABS & phosphor bronze with good flexibility and electric conductivity.
  • High leverage handles, compound action mechanism provide superior mechanical advantage.
  • Energy saving ratcheting crimper designed for non-insulated Terminals
  • The accurate crimping mold and self-locking / releasing mechanical unit design ensure high crimping quality when crimping repeatedly.
  • TPR dual color, nonslip handle provides user comfort.
  • Safety locks for easy storage.
  • With cutting function.
  • Ideal for stripping solid wire from AWG 30~20.
  • Light weight for easy operation
  • Particularly made for electronic and precision field
  • Processed by CNC lathe for accurate size of notches
  • Light weight for easy operation
  • Particularly made for electronic and precision field
  • Processed by CNC lathe for accurate size of notches
  • The nonslip handle provides easy operation and user comfort.
  • Integral blade storage chamber on the end of the handle for a spare blade, more convenient.
  • Increased HI/LOW impact forces to meet demands of all category cables through Cat 6.
  • Anti-skid PP handle makes it comfortable and easy to operate
  • Can be used to cut or peel round twisted-pair and flat telephone wires
  • Spring setting on the pliers makes it much labour-saving
  • lock function, this pair of pliers is convenient to use
  • Material: ABS+  carbon steel
  • Application: 4P/6P/8P(RJ45, RJ22,RJ11,RJ12)
  • Individual packing: Blister card
  • Cuts and strips solid or stranded wire, crimps insulated or non-insulated terminals and crimps ignition terminals.
  • Precision-crafted and ruggedly materials constructed provide durability.