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  • Bi-directional control for dual brushed DC motor.
  • Support motor voltage from 7VDC to 30VDC. 
  • Maximum current up to 3A peak and 1.2A continuously, each channel.
  • Current limit protection.
  • Support 3.3V and 5V logic level input.
  • Bidirectional control for one brushed DC motor.
  • Control motor run/brake and direction with a 3-way rocker switch (included in package).
  • Control motor rotation speed with a potentiometer (included in package).
  • Operating Voltage: DC 7V to 30V
  • Bi-directional control for 1 brushed DC motor
  • Support motor voltage ranges from 7V to 25V (Rev1.0), 7V to 30V (Rev2.0)
  • Max current: up to 10A continuous and 15A peak
  • 3.3V and 5V logic level input
  • Speed control PWM: up to 10KHz
  • Bi-directional control for one Brushed DC motor (Single Channel).
  • Support motor voltage ranges from  5V to 30V.
  • Maximum current up to 13A continuous and 30A peak (10 seconds).
  • 3.3V and 5V logic level input, compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi.
  • Bi-directional control for 1 brushed DC motor.
  • Support motor voltage ranges from  6V to 30V
  • Maximum current up to 13A continuous and 30A peak (10 seconds).
  • GROVE compatible
  • 3.3V and 5V logic level input.
  • Can be used in 4WD mobile robot platforms
  • Uses 4 high-performance & high-current driver chips (BTS7960)
  • Protective functions: Current short, over temperature and over voltage
  • Can control 2 motors with only 4 digital IO at the same time
  • Compatible with Arduino


  • Logic control, 5V from Arduino main board
  • Polarity protection for External motor power input
  • 2 fast test buttons for each motor channel
  • 2 indicator LEDs for each channel
  • bi-directional control of two DC brush motor
  • 2 way 7-12V motor drive 
  • Up to 1A current each way
  • PIN 4,5,6,7 are used to drive two DC motors
  • Support PWM speed control 
  • Bi-directional control for 1 brushed DC motor.

  • Motor Voltage: 5V -  30V

  • Maximum Current: 80A peak (1 second), 30A continuously.

  • Reverse polarity protection.

  • Industrial grade PCB.
  • Vmotor: 7 to 25VDC.
  • Each component is soldered properly and tested.
  • Able to drive 4 DC motor at 2.5A (peak), 1.5A continuously.
  • Bi-directional control for 4 DC motors.
  • LiPo battery low voltage warning.
  • Thermal protection.
  • Current limiting base on temperature.
  • Resolution: 8000 steps = 0.25us

  • UART: 9600 baud rate

  • Servo pulse range: 0.5ms to 2.5ms

  • Compatibility: 4, 6 and 8 wire stepper motors of any voltage
  • Adjustable current control from 150mA/phase to 750mA/phase
  • Power Supply Range: 7V to 30V
  • The higher the voltage, the higher the torque at high speeds
  • Low RDS (On) Output
  •  Automatic current decay mode detection / selection
  • Mix with slow current decay modes
  • Synchronous rectification for low power dissipation
  • Internal UVLO
  • Cross-current protection
  • Configurable push-pull or open-drain output
  • Output enable pin to quickly disable all the outputs
  • Reverse polarity protection on the terminal block input
  • Green power-good LED
  • Stepper motor driver board for bi-polar stepper motors
  • Allegro A4988 stepper driver chip
  • Defaults to 16 step microstepping mode
  • On-board: 5V/3.3V regulation
  • Bi-directional control for 2 brushed DC motor.
  • Support motor voltage ranges from 5V to 25V.
  • Maximum current up to 10A continuous and 30A peak (10 second) for each channel.
  • Dimension: 84.5mm x 62mm
  • DC brushed motor module with  propeller
  • L9110 motor drive
  • Operating voltage: 5V
  • Propeller diameter: 75mm
  • Speed & direction of motor is control by L9110 driver
  • Control the wind direction with using steering engine 
  • Compatible with Arduino UNO R3 Pinmap.
  • Gravity-3Pin interface, plug & play, esay to use.
  • Integrated XBee Slot, XBee, WiFi Bee, Bluetooth Bee compatible.
  • Operating voltage: 3.3~5.0 V
  • Ripples (at maximum power): 50~100 mV
  • Max power: 750 mW
  • I2C speed: 100 kHz
  • Vibration effects: 123 types
  • Driver: DRV2605L
  • Port: I2C
  • Default I2C Address: 0x5A
  • Motor drivers act as current amplifiers
  • L293D contains two inbuilt H-bridge driver circuits.
  • Input logic 00 or 11 will stop the corresponding motor.
  • Logic 01 and 10 will rotate it in clockwise and anticlockwise directions & respectively.
  • Can drive 2 stepper motors or 2 Servo or 4 DC motors.
  • 2 interface for 5V Servo connected to the for Arduino's high-resolution dedicated timer - no jitter.
  • Up to 4 bi-directional DC motors with individual 8-bit speed selection.
  • L293D type motorcycle driver chips
  • Direct connection to 2 DC motor parts
  • 1A maximum current
  • Motor Operating Voltage (VM): 4.5V - 36V
  • ESP8266 Operating Voltage (VIN): 4.5V - 9V
  • Driver chip: L298N dual H-bridge driver chip
  • Maximum power consumption: 20W
  • Storage temperature: -25 ~ +130 
  • L298P Motor Driver
  • Dual H Bridge driver
  • Motor Control : 2 Way Channel
  • Input Voltage : 6.5 -12V
  • Max Current : 2A
  • Low static current work. 
  • Wide range of power supply: 2.5V to 12V. 
  • Each channel has a continuous output current 800 ma ability. 
  • Dual channel, Bi-directional control motor driver
  • Support motor voltage from 2.5V to 9.5VDC
  • Maximum current up to 1.0A continuous and 1.5A peak (<5 seconds)
  • 5V Output (200mA) to power the controller.
  • Inputs compatible with 1.8V, 3.3V and 5V logic (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc).
  • Can drive 4 DC Motors or 2 Stepper Motors
  • Can drive 6 Servos
  • Mbed Platform
  • STM32F0 coprocessor
  • Two TB6612FNG
  • Communicate with BBG by I2C or UART interface
  • Used Atmega 328
  • DC Supply:USB Powered or External 7V~12V D
  • 14 Channels Digital I/O
  • 6 PWM Channels (Pin11,Pin10,Pin9,Pin6,Pin5,Pin3)
  • 8 Channels 10-bit Analog I/O
  • Auto sensing/switching power input
  • Two manual/test buttons for each channel.
  • Two output indicator LEDs for each channel.
  • Power, Error indicator, RUN status (Left and Right) LEDs