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  • Microcontroller: ATMEGA2560
  • 16U2 (USB to UART IC)
  • Operating Voltage: 5V
  • Digital I/O Pins: 54 (of which 15 provide PWM output)
  • Analog Input Pins: 16
  • Microcontroller: ATmega328P
  • 16U2 (USB to UART IC)
  • Support ISP download function
  • External power supply(Input): 7V to 12VDC
  • Output voltage: 3.3V and 5VDC
  • Microcontroller: ATmega328P
  • Digital I/O: 14
  • Analog I/O: 6
  • Support ISP download function
  • Operating Voltage: 3V3
  • Maximum Charge Current: 500mA
  • Digital I/O Pins: 4
  • Analog Input Pins: 1
  • DC Current PER I/O PIN: 12mA
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Color: Transparent
  • Compatible with NVIDIA Jetson Nano Development Board(A02 & B01)
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Color: Transparent
  • Included Acrylic Camera Bracket for Camera Module
  • Compatible with NVIDIA Jetson Nano Development Board (A02 & B01)
  • Measures 2.4" x 0.9" x 0.28" (61mm x 23mm x 7mm) without headers soldered in
  • Light as a (large?) feather - 8.2 grams
  • ATmega32u4 @ 8MHz with 3.3V logic/power
  • 3.3V regulator with 500mA peak current output
  • USB native support, comes with USB bootloader and serial port debugging
  • Measures 2.0" x 0.9" x 0.28" (51mm x 23mm x 8mm) without headers soldered in
  • Light as a (large?) feather - 5 grams
  • ATSAMD51 32-bit Cortex M4 core running at 120 MHz, 32-bit, 3.3V logic and power
  • Hardware DSP and floating point support
  • 512 KB flash, 192 KB RAM
  • All-in-one Bluetooth Low Energy board
  • 51mm x 22.9mm x 7.1mm
  • Weight: 5.2g
  • ATmega32u4 onboad chip in QFN package
  • 5V power and logic, 16MHz clock rate, 2KB RAM and 28K FLASH
  • USB bootloader with a nice LED indicator, AVR109 compatible (same as Flora, Feather 32u4, Leonardo, etc)
  • ATmega328 microcontroller with Optiboot (UNO) Bootloader
  • USB Programming and debugging via the well-supported genuine FTDI FT231X or the SiLabs CP2104
  • Input voltage (Vin): 6-16V 
  • ATmega328P onboard chip in QFN package running at 3.3V logic
  • 12MHz clock rate, 28K FLASH available
  • Also has headers for an FTDI port for reprogramming
  • Same size, form-factor, and pinout as classic Trinket
  • Updating ATtiny85 8-bit AVR for ATSAMD21E18 32-bit Cortex M0+
  • 256KB Flash - 32x as much as 8 KB on ATtiny85
  • 32 KB RAM - 64x as much as 512 bytes on ATtiny85
  • Need an external 16MHz crystal or resonator, a 5V supply, and a serial connection
  • Atmel’s ATMega328P 8-Bit Processor in 28 pin DIP package. 
  • It’s like the ATmega168, with double the flash space. 32K of program space. 23 I/O lines, 6 of which are channels for the 10-bit ADC.
  • Support for Arduino IDE 1.0+ (OSX/Win/Linux).
  • Power via USB or External Source - 5V or 7-35V (automatic selection).
  • On-board 500mA 5V Regulator.
  • Requires no special tools or programming
  • Powered by USB
  • Features 6x LEDs that produce 6x modes to provide light
  • super easy connector system for creating lamps on any sheet material
  • USB client for power and communications
  • Ethernet and HDMI interface
  • 512MB DDR3 RAM
  • 4GB 8bit eMMC on board flash storage
  • Optional on board 20 pin CTI JTAG, serial header
  • On board Main power switch
  • On board Vin polarity protection
  • Vin is extended out breadboard
  • Don't have to solder or sew to make it work
  • Can power it from USB, a AAA battery pack, or with a Lipoly battery
  • Circuit Playground Express has built-in USB support
  • Input Voltage:5-12V
  • Operating Voltage: 5V
  • Clock Frequency: 16MHz
  • Max 150mA output
  • Over current protected
  • Hardware I2C / SPI capability for breakout & sensor interfacing.
  • Works with many basic Arduino libraries including RainbowBit library.
  • Comes with mounting holes.
  • Super small and Cute of course!
  • Small size with smart design, it is a perfect match for your micro:bit
  • Easily connected to micro:bit and lead out its power and IO ports with screws only
  • Lead out P0/P1/P2/3V/GND port on micro:bit board
  • Chip: ESP8266
  • Module: ESP-13 with metal shield
  • Compatible with Arduino UNO and Arduino Mega 2560
  • Dual-Ports DIP switch between for Arduino and ESP8266


  • Operating Voltage: 5.0V
  • Response Time: 4 seconds (Typ)
  • Analog Error (both ends): <± 20mV (Typ)
  • Interface Type: PH2.0-3P
  • No load Current: 75mA
  • Dimension: 42 * 32mm / 1.65 * 1.26 inch
  • MOSFET Model: CJQ4435
  • Dimension: 40 * 20 * 15 mm
  • Weight: G.W 11g
  • Microntroller: ATmega328P
  • Programming IDE: Arduino IDE
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Digital I/O Pins: 20
  • PWM: 6
  • Analog Input: 8(10-bit)
  • 500mA (maximum) 3.3V voltage regulator
  • 0-5V outputs with 3.3V compatible inputs
  • 14 Digital I/O Pins (6 PWM outputs)
  • 6 Analog Inputs
  • Digital output using LEDs & driving a small motor
  • Digital input using push button
  • Analog input with potentiometer
  • LDR for light detection and more
  • Microcontroller: ATMEGA2560
  • CH340 (USB to UART IC)
  • Operating Voltage: 5V
  • Input Voltage (recommended): 7-12V
  • Input Voltage (limits): 6-20V
  • Metal case for Jetson Nano Developer Kit
  • Easy access to the peripheral connectors
  • With camera holder, RESET and POWER buttons