Autobotic Education Discount Program


Welcome to Autobotic Education Discount Program

Are you a Student or an Educator in Malaysia? We help students and educators by providing additional discounts if you sign up our Education Discount Program.



For Student

For Educator

  • Special Price
  • Special Price
  • Same to your student card expired date
  • Forever Membership   
  • Entitled for 1x Reward Point
  • Entitled for 1.5x Reward Point     
  • Extra discount for Educator


Note: Private Learning Center is not entitled for "Discount Program"


Register Method:

  1. Sign up as member at here if you haven't registered yet 
  2. Fill up the form at Student or Educator 
  3. Subscribe our Youtube channel here
  4. Liked our Facebook Fan Page here
  5. Processing time: 2-3 working days
  6. Successfully registered