Autobotic retail only for "Paid Self-collect" order from 10am-6pm. Other order will ship out as usual.
Autobotic 3E Membership


Click here to register and enjoy the benefits of being an Autobotic member.


Explorer Membership


1. Sign up and place an order (order must be paid) from our official website


Rewarded with:

1. 2 x RM8 free shipping coupons.

2. 3% loyalty instant discount.

3. Bonus 500 Reward Points worth RM10. Click here to redeem.

1. 1 x TGV cinema gift voucher worth RM5 in the birthday month. Click here to redeem.


Enthusiast Membership


1. You are already an Explorer member.

2. Like and follow Autobotic TikTok & Facebook fan page.

3. Comment "#EmpoweringMakers" and tag 3 friends on Autobotic Facebook fan page.

Click here to upgrade your membership to Enthusiast.


Rewarded with:

1. Unlimited RM8 Free shipping coupons.

2. 4% loyalty instant discount.

3. Bonus 1000 Reward Points worth RM20. Click here to redeem.

4. 1 x TGV cinema gift voucher worth RM5 in the birthday month. Click here to redeem.

5. Monthly RM5 discount coupon on every 1st of the month. It expires on the 7th of the month. (min spend of RM200). 

6. Unlimited gift vouchers based on order quantity and amount: Click here to redeem.

Option A: 

  • 3 Orders = Get 1 x Tealive gift voucher worth RM7 (min spend of RM50/order in the same month)

Option B: 

  • 5 Orders = Get 1 x Grab food gift voucher worth RM20 (min spend of RM200/order in the same month)

Option C: 

  • 1 Order = Get 1 x Grab food gift voucher worth RM20 (min spend of RM1000)


Extreme Membership

Coming soon ...


Existing Members FAQ

Q1: How do existing members join Autobotic 3E membership?

A1: All existing members will be automatically upgraded to Explorer membership to enjoy better rewards.


Q2: Would it effect my current reward points after upgrading to Explorer?

A2: No. Your current reward points will remain unchanged.


Q3: Are we entitled to get bonus 500 reward points and 2 x RM8 Free Shipping coupons like new members?

A3: Yes.


Q4: Are we entitled to get the birthday TGV voucher?

A4: Yes, but must have a minimum 1 order in your account.


New Members FAQ

Q4: How do I join Autobotic 3E membership?

A4: You are entitled to Explorer membership if you sign up and place an order from our official website


Q5: Will Bonus 500 & 1000 Reward Points expire?

A5: Yes. They will expire in 12 months.


Q6: Can I use the same Order ID to redeem twice?

A6: No. Order ID which has been used to redeem for any vouchers will be remarked in our system and it can not be reused to redeem again.


Q7: Do I have to redeem the gift voucher (Tealive/TGV/Grab) in the same month as my order date?

A7: Yes. For example, you placed 3 orders in January, you MUST redeem your gift voucher in January as well.


Q8: Where can I find my RM8 free shipping and monthly RM5 coupon codes? How do I use them?

A8: You can login to your  account to view all available coupons. Simply copy and paste the coupon code in a column provided when checkout.


Q9: How long can we receive the gift voucher?

A9: It takes 1-3 days to process.